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Sensory Trail Design
is a service provided by Cheshire-based nationwide company
August Garden Designs Ltd  and the sound installation artist echomap offering a design and build service for interactive sensory gardens and music therapy gardens. A design service for sensory trails and labrinths is also available. 

Using a recently developed purpose built software created by echomap. We can design and build sensory gardens and music therapy gardens specifically designed for educational or health care uses.

The core technology in our interactive music gardens can also be used to develop interactive sound installation art, with applications such as public art, private commissions and commercial installations. Developed in partnership with the ambient/electronic artist echomap, we can create bespoke artworks with unique sound design. Our generative software is capable of creating real-time interactive soundscapes, involving both sound, lighting and other media.

RHS Tatton 2010.
Sound Garden for the Trentham Estate