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The Sound Garden at Trentham Gardens Staffordshire

The Trentham Sound Garden which is sited at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire was rebuilt in the award winning tourist attraction after winning a silver medal award at The RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2010.
It was designed as a music therapy garden which would equally be at home in a school for special needs education or a health-care centre.

One of the unique aspects of the garden is that is houses an interactive sound installation. This is controlled by our own software running in a computer behind a curved wall. Sensors in the wall relay information to the software, which creates music based on a combination of the sensor inputs and its own real-time generative soundscape engine. Triggering a sensor twice may or may not produce the same note, or even the same sound, but the installation is configured to always produce music within a certain context rather than random notes or noises (although it could be configured to do that too, if necessary). The soundscapes produced by the software are always self-consistent, but they never actually repeat, creating an interactive and ephemeral experience. When people interacted with the wall they were really playing an instrument, although it didn't require any musical skill.

The software powering the Sound Garden was developed by the artist echomap.