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Sound Installation in The Barefoot Walk at Trentham Gardens

The already popular barefoot walk at Trentham Gardens is further enhanced by a sound installation designed and installed by August Garden Designs ltd. The installation is triggered by sensors positioned at various points within the walk which when triggered create sound effects corresponding to the differing surfaces of the barefoot walk. An added bonus to this installation is the sound of two owls sat in adjacent trees conversing about their days events over the top of the crowds enjoying the barefoot attraction.

Barefoot walk

This pc based sound installation is designed to be fully expandable, by easily adding more sensors and creating a larger library of sounds, enabling the development of the system alongside the continually changing environment of this popular attraction. The system hardware is self contained sited close to the barefoot walk fully protected against the outside elements and is designed to be low maintenance only requiring a checkup at the start of the summer season and at the end of the summer season. The system is also designed to be used throughout the year if required.